ID badges even for Parish staff?

Well, yes, according to Widdrington Station and Stobswood Parish Council (United Kingdom). The idea was raised after parish chairmen visit to a lady who asked for some sort of identification which parish staff members were unable to provide.
At the first glance the idea might sound like an overkill. All parishoners should know their priest, pastor or vicar, but would they also know a parish council chairman or member by face?
When people see strangers at the door they usually expect the door to door sellers and hardly meet them with warmth. The fact that door to door sellers hardly ever say at first that they are who they really are and rather pretend they want to warn us aboyt something o share some great piece of knowwledge with us or know our opinion on something is adding to people suspicious attitude towards strangers at the doorstep. Ability to produce proper identification such as phot ID badge may change the situation and save some stress. UK parish example clearly shows the need for proper identification for anyone who visit people at home.
Another area of concern is the impostors usually acting as utility service company workers. They usually target elderly people and warning about such activity is being reported almost every week. While missing identification they often try to get access to someones home by convincing people about a matter in need of urgent attention.
Decent purpose isn’t enough to convince people to focus attention or trust strangers. Because of this all visiting staff of any company or institution should equip their field staff with proper means of identification.

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