will ID bagde functionality save Blackberry?

HID, a leader in security access card technology, announced yesterday that Blackberries will be the first devices supported by iClass digital access systems. Recently released Blackberry series came with NFC chips built in however all major US carriers disabled it. NFC – near field communication is a technolgy which allows data communication at high frequency (13.56 MHz on ISO/IEC 18000-3 standard) over short range, usually within few inches. Max data transfer is 424 kbs which is significantly less than latest Bluetooth but sufficient for custom access card implementations.
Using Blackberry as an access badge might be a great idea but it’s hard to believe that companies would upgrade their access card readers just to accomodate this feature. Blackberries and it’s maker Research in Motion haven’t been doing well for a while. sliding phone sales, Playbook tablet failing to impress the market and losing current market share are the major concerns for Waterloo, Canada based smartphone maker which in the middle of past decade seemed to dominate the corporate mobile communication market. As of today Blackberry prospects are grim, Appworld is no match for Android and Apple app stores, Blackberry 7 OS based devices sale is lower than expected and companies research on BB alternatives are at its peak. Company hopes are in QNC based devices, a previously acquired mobile programming platform and building Blackberry Enterprise Server capable of handling non-Blackberry devices such iPhone and Android smartphones. Problems with first QNC device Playbook integration with Blackberry servers show the company internal issues with developing new platform.
I think Blackberry needs an extreme makover at this point and access ID badge functionality might be a nice addition to it.
For the record RIMM shares are down 18% today after publishing dissapoing earnings.

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