id card based on DNA for SAT test?

This is not a joke. It’s a real answer for a real problem that north shore Long Island (NY) high school experienced recently. Last year a few teenagers from prominent, respected families got arrested for taking up to $3600 from high school students to take SAT tests for them. Education Department and other state officials have been brainstorming on how to prevent fraud since the scandal broke out.
Applied DNA Sciences Inc. has offered SigNature DNA, their patented solution to prevent counterfeit. The company claims that their plant based DNA signatures are virtually impossible to copy or counterfeit. ID card presented by the company would contain unique plant DNA signature, photograph and scannable bar code. Moreover the data would be centrally stored in a private cloud and available in case of doubts over the card authenticity.
However I consider myself a technology enthusiast I think the solution if overkill for the purpose. The primary goal of SAT fraud prevention is matching person to a name. This can be easily achieved with biometric photo id cards and fingerprints. Fingerprint readers are inexpensive and no connectivity to any cloud would be required at the test centers. Applicant can be photographed and fingerprinted upon taking the test and then the fingerprint becomes part of the test score. At any point test taker identity can be challenged if any doubts arise.

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