id theft in return for help

Judith Ann Hamm Rishel, 57 years old woman befriended a Lincolnton, North Carolina couple sometime in 2011. Shortly thereafter she told her new friends she was going thru a difficult period of her life and needed a place to stay. During her stay with the new family she answered Discover credit card mail offer addressed to one of the family members. Rishel activated the stolen card online in September 2011 and obtained PIN for cash advance ATM withdrawals. Right after that she changed the billing address to non existent so that no statements would come in the mail. Then she applied for another credit card for the other family member she was staying with, this time at Citibank. She was using both cards for purchases and ATM withdrawals until the family was notified by Discover on suspicious activity. Over $10,000 were stolen from both credit card accounts.
During the arrest conducted by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Detective Don Mauldin and Sheriff’s deputies secured computer and electronic equipment, numerous photo id cards, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and Community College identification badges. Rishel was placed in Harven A. Crouse Detention Center on a $185k bond.
Yet another id theft story, this time more sad and bitter as decent people got punished for essentially doing the right thing which was helping a person that they thought was in need. Even decent people or maybe I should say especially decent people need to monitor their credit as they have higher score on average and therefore are more likely to become target for identity thieves.

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