id theft right in the spotlight

Few people would expect an illegal alien to work on a major international airport hand to hand with Department of Homeland Security officers for 20 years. This however turned out to be the case in Newark Liberty International; Bimbo Oyewole, 54 years old native of Nigeria worked at the airport security since 1992 posing as Jerry Thomas.
Real Jerry Thomas was shot dead near YMCA building in Queens, NY in 1992, same year when Oyewole claimed victim identity and got hired by airport security. During his career he must have performed well as he was promoted to shift supervisor, leading team of over 30 security guards. He also had access to the airport secured areas as this was part of his job credentials.
It may sound unusual that a person illegally present in the country managed to secure a job that requires number of background checks. Remember, this was 1992, way before September 11 terrorist attacks and security measures tightening that followed. Sure he was fingerprinted and drug screened but since murder victim Jerry Thomas finger prints were not in the database anywhere it was impossible to say if Thomas finger prints belong to him or someone else. Nowadays when all US visitors are photographed and fingerprinted at the entry going through finger printing scans might not have been that easy.
Over the years suspect managed to get number of documents posing as Thomas including diver’s license, Social Security card, birth certificate and his job badge that allowed him to get to the tarmac and the airplanes


ID badge