identity theft, the silly side of it

We usually write about sophisticated identity thefts or large scale rings but not today. This time we’ll go on the funny side if there is a funny side to this crime. Try to imagine yourself as an identity thief and think of last things you would do. Probably one of that last things that would run your mind is go to the bank and say I’m Robert Redford and I want to open an account. Now believe it or not Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, 41 years old Brazilian went to a bank in the town of Recife and tried to open a checking account using a forged national photo id card with fake name and Jack Nicholson photo. The photo is a few years old but you can’t miss it, mr Nicholson as you know him from movies or celebrity press, no room for mistake. One might say it’s good he didn’t try to impersonate Julia Roberts but the suspect was actually being investigated for couple of months by the police before being arrested the very day he tried to use the id card with Nicholson’s photo.
My bet is the guy actually didn’t know Jack Nicholson, although he is a member of a very exclusive club of double Academy Award winner he doesn’t show in light movies, can’t see him in TV series, or in soap operas, very popular in South America.

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