IL: forged ID card scheme busted

An ordinary highway traffic stop turned into a bust of a major identification theft scheme bust. Illinois state trooper stopped a rented Dodge Caravan on interstate highway I55 close to Springfield for improper lane use and missing front license plate. Upon checking the driver’s license the patrol officer found out that Michelle Ayala, 37, is on the wanted list for 2 felony charges of deceptive practices. During the search of the vehicle a significant number of fraudulent credit cards, debit cards and gift cards were found. Additionally blank state photo ID cards and driver’s license cards from multiple states were found. The 3 occupants of the car also carried over $12k in cash. All 3 have been arested at the scene for possesing altered credit cards, possesion of stolen goods and posession of equipment to forge credit cards. Suspects were put into Sangamon County Jail without bond and they refused cooperation with the investigators.
Holiday shopping time is the high season for credit and gift card fraud as well as identity theft. High number of transactions makes it easier for a fraudulent charges to be missed. Also stolen goods can be sold faster to often unaware customers looking for bargains. Shoppers should be alert following their credit card activity reports and also very cautious when buying merchandise on the street or parking lot.

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