all in one impostor

Some guys just want it all at once. Most impostors and impersonators we write about try to act as policemen, hospital or welfare workers but not David Vyner. 36 years old Armenian immigrant was on probation for identity theft case in DC when got arrested for grand theft. He was offering services as an attorney to Russian community in Florida even after agreeing to act as a lawyer after Florida BAR investigation in 2005. He offered mainly immigration and consular services often charging tens of thousands of dollars for empty promises or services costing less than $100. He was found to possess Broward hospital custom id badge as MD and clergy. There is also a warrant in Canada for Vyner tax charges.
It’s surprising how easy he was able to transfer from one role to another. It’s even more surprising how he got his victims convinced he is who pretends to be and make them pay large amounts of money upfront for the services he offered. Apparently Vyner targeted ethnic communities such Russians or other post Soviet Union republics. For many of his victims the language barrier was his big selling point, non-English speakers tend to trust their native speakers much more than they should. Immigration services scam artist topic reaches above and beyond the scope of this post and blog in general.
The suspect is held in prison without bond

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