India: another city gets id badges for rickshaw

Trivandrum, India: the city corporation has decided to introduce id badges for autorickshaw, a handful of id badges have been handed out during the inauguration by Mayor K Chandrika, 5000 more are to follow within a week. Custom id badges are expected to address the complaints received by city officials on driver’s behavior. Passengers mainly complained on over charge, drivers asking too many personal questions and making discourteous comments. The identification would also prevent rickshaws from other towns providing services in Trivandrum.

A mandatory badge, fixed to a vehicle would contain name of the driver, address, unique badge identification number, license number, district police station, servicing garage. and driver’s blood type which will allow for more efficient medical help in case the driver is injured in an accident. Some useful phone numbers will also be displayed such as police, crime stopping, women’s help line and general traffic help line. Officials say that the women and children will be safer in the rickshaws with fixed id badges, all passengers will safer and more comfortable when able to link face with a name. It took close to a year for various city agencies to reach the agreement on the badges, project was close to be abandoned several times during that time.

custom ID card