Iowa decides to go REAL ID compliant

Last week the Iowa Transportation Commission decided to start issuing REAL-ID compliant documents to state residents starting January 15th 2013. The REAL-ID act is a legislation passed by the Congress back in 2005 as a result of September 11 terrorist attacks. A lot of things has changed since 2005 though, terrorist attack threat is no longer making it to headlines and financial meltdown of 2008 resulted in shrinking of local government budgets. Real ID is costly due to computer infrastructure upgrades and staff training required.
No wonder many commentators regard the program implementation as failure. Even though it’s been almost 7 years since the regulations was passed and it’s only 2 years from the deadline after which a person without program compliant identification document won’t be able to access federal building such as airports there is only 11 states now issuing star id cards and driver’s licenses.
Making Iowa Department of Transportation issuing the new id badges was not a smooth ride either. In March 2011 the state House of Representatives blocked the implementation of the REAL-ID act; 25 other state done the same thing and some more tried.
Design wise there would be very little change to the existing documents, just a star in gold circle placed in the corner of the id badge. Applicants may still opt out and get old school documents but need to be aware of limitations such as airport access mentioned earlier.

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