jail time for getting id cards to illegal aliens

Houma, Louisiana based, 41 years old Holly Calva was sentenced to 33 months of prison time last week by U.S. District Judge Elizabeth E. Foote in federal court in Lafayette. Additionally one year of supervised release will follow the jail time.
The woman was arrested back in October 2011 by Louisiana Police and Homeland Security Investigative Division. Upon arrest she was charged for unlawful production of fraudulent documentation for identification purposes and filing false public records.
Allegedly Calva managed to assist over 4oo illegal aliens in getting Louisiana state id card charging $400 each client for assistance. She would provide proof of residence for the applicants using her own address and act as a Spanish translator in the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).
She admitted to lie when she said OMV staff that she worked for a company bringing seasonal work force explaining unusually high level of accommodation under single address.
The case shows how high is the demand for legitimate identification among illegal alien population. With the demand price of $400 a piece just for an id badge supply will surface quickly. Immigration enforcement agencies need to investigate illegal aliens as well as people who try to take advantage of these people desperately looking to somehow secure their stay in the US.

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