New Jersey will be REAL-ID compliant soon

Starting May 7 2012 New Jersey will be issuing REAL-ID compliant driver’s licenses and state photo id cards. REAL-ID is federal legislation passed by the Congress in 2005 on the wave of 9/11 terrorist attack response legislations. New Jersey will be the 10th state to go REAL-ID compliant. When the rules go into full force people without REAL-ID compliant identification documents will not be able to board a plane or access federal buildings such as airports. Despite the deadline coming fast (second part of 2014) many states are not rushing to implement the new rules. Dragging the feet in these matter is usually explained in 2 ways, cost, which is significant and make it hard sell in the hard economic times and citizen liberties that are in jeopardy according to some commentator opinions. New Jersey spent close to $9 million in upgrades to get compliant and the amount does not include computer upgrades. Department of Homeland Security had to change the deadline 3 times already, currently all states have to go REAL-ID compliant by January 2013.
New and renewed licenses called Tru-ID will be valid twice as long as they are now, the cost of 8 years license will be $48 which is no increase per year than it is now however no 4 year DL option will be available for discounted price. 6 points identity validation schedule would no longer be in force. Instead the documents supporting an application for new driver’s license or renewal must proof Social Security number, legal identity, legal presence in the United States and principal residence. Current documents remain valid until the expiration date.
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