LA considers municipal id card for undocumented immigrants

Los Angeles City Council has introduced a motion to issue identification card to anyone who can prove LA residency. While idea isn’t that much new as multiple towns in areas widely populated by immigrants have done so it’s the fact that it would be library card in LA case, Universal City Services Card to mention its full, official name. The id card while wouldn’t replace California driver’s license or protect against deportation would allow for opening a bank account and obtaining a debit card.
Crime rate remains high in alien communities as people are know to carry more cash than usual due to the fact they can’t open a bank account. Also check cash places take a high toll on those who have to cash the checks outside of the banks.
Many might say that action such this supports illegal immigration, which is true to a certain degree. On the other hand we need to be aware that some immigrant communities, such LA are huge and many residents have been living there for decades, have kids, even run companies. While immigration matters are federal thing crime and violence is a as local as it could be and it’s hard to blame local authorities for trying to fix these issues.

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