MA, new id badges for the Police

Unified Police identification system for the state of Massachusetts was presented yesterday at Northborough Police Department press conference. Massachusetts is the first state pursuing the effort to get all municipal police to carry photo id cards unified into a template. The new id card is strongly secured against counterfeit with features such as Kinegram, Swiss patented embossed logo that is similar to a hologram at a first glance but uses a different technology, it’s the same one which is used on MA driver’s license. The badge also contains custom department seal, address and phone number as well as department’s head signature. Issue and expiration dates are overlapping the ghost photo.
The cards were funded by Department of Homeland Security and manufactured by MorphoTrust USA, a manufacturer of identification documents for most of the states including Massachusetts. Estimated cost of the enterprose was $320,000. 92 percent of town police departments are already using the new id cards. All officers are required to carry the id card when on duty and present it upon request. The fact that all town police id cards are alike and that the kinegram, the most difficult to counterfeit security feature is the same as on the state driver’s license puts the public in a much safer spot against cop impostors.

custom id badge