Make Your Business More Secure with ISOProx II Badges and Cards

Utilizing modern access control devices for your business is a smart idea. One of the newest emerging technologies is the use of ISOProx II id cards or badges. More businesses and government agencies are now using proximity card technology to monitor and control access to facilities and yours can too.

Most businesses would prefer a system in place that can control access to its facilities but the cost that was associated with the id cards and badges was too much to bear for many small businesses. Good news is that the prices on that equipment is much less these days and the price of ISOProx II id cards are much more affordable too. One of the reasons why is the methods for creating and printing the badges have come down in the past few years. Enhanced manufacturing practices have help reduce the overall cost of the raw materials that are used. That savings has made it possible for small business to secure their facilities.

One industry that could benefit from ISO PRO II id badges are storage facilities. For most storage businesses, the primary way of gaining access if from a pin number or a key. Pin numbers are much less secure as pin numbers can be shared and spread and keys can be easily copied.

These less secure methods increase the number of unauthorized people that may have access to your facility. If you still use a key then you find yourself having to have your lock re-keyed multiple times which gets expensive.

With a proximity card system in place, only the person that has the access card can have get into the facility. This can greatly reduce the chances that someone with less than honorable intensions learning someone’s pin or copying a key. Like with a pin number system, you can also allow or remove access instantly using a HID system.

While storage facilities are just one instance that a small business can benefit from ISOProx II id badges, there are many uses and benefits throughout the small business community. Any business that needs a cost-effective means to restrict access to controlled areas should consider using proximity cards.

The cards can be customized to match your business’ styling and colors. You can add any photos or logos you want and the layout of information can be customized to your exact requirement. Design and processes developed by have made the whole process easy and very affordable. Visit today and design your own custom id card or badge.