man arrested for wearing police id badge

Last week a man was arrested in Fort Myers Airport and charged for impersonating law enforcement officer. During a busy afternoon last Wednesday a male wearing a police like badge on his belt was spotted just outside airport terminal building in Fort Myers. Allegedly he wore camouflage pants, tan shoes and black t-shirt; he also had a silver badge attached to his belt saying ‘POLICE’.
When challenged by the real police he admitted he’s not an enforcement officer but a marital arts instructor. Upon search the man was found carrying 2 knives where one of these had four and half inch long fixed blade and the other was a folding knife. Investigators found out he had an expired permit for concealed weapon.
The man was identified as Joshua Watson and arrested at the scene under charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer. He was taken to Lee County Jail and released on $2,000 bond 2 days later. Watson will face the judge on July 31st. Reasons for his action remain unknown.
Good part is the police spotted him and taken away quickly. The bad part is that airport security personnel was absorbed by incident that could have been a real security threat while it seemed like a joke. After 9/11 terrorist attacks airports are high alert objects and such behavior should be punished to the fullest extent of the law

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