Florida: teen with physician assistant ID badge

A movie or once popular TV series about teenage doctor? No, this time it’s for real and far from amusing. 17 years old Matthew Scheidt was arrested on September 2nd on 5 charges of impersonating physician assistant which is a 3rd degree felony. The thrilling story started on August 24th when Scheidt went to the Osceola Regional Medical Center HR office and requested identification badge replacement. Apparently he was given one without proper data verification. During the week which he was acting as PA he performed medical examinations he provided patient care and accessed confidential medical data. He was wearing the ID badge and physician scrubs. Among the staff he presented himself as a 23 years old Nova Southeastern University graduate; he also mentioned his links to the management of corporation which owns the hospital. His 6 days dangerous adventure ended when hospital staff reported suspicious behavior of the PA who tried to gained access to the restriced areas of the hospital. It turned out that Scheidt was actully employed by the hospital as a part time billing clerk; new finding resulted in immediate termination. Scheidt has a history of misleading people he was sheriff’s deputy when he participated in Sheriff’s Explorer Program which also resulted in his termination.
While the young man is certainly at fault it’s HR procedures which let it all happened. Hospital ID badge can open a lot of doors and issuing it should be preceeded by solid documentation check which apparently hasn’t happened in this case. Impostors are usually naturally talented actors and might be very convincing just as in ‘Catch me if you can’ story.

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