Nashville High Schools new ID card

Nashville school district is introducing new ID cards for High School stundents of the metro area. The idea is to integrate various ID cards into a single document that can also be worn as photo identification badge during school hours. This way different cards used for buses, library, cafeteria and other purposes will be replaced by a single card. Morover the plans of system future development include features like parents ability to track kids way to and from school, meal ordered for lunch details and loading funds for cafeteria spending so the badge becomes debit card in the school cafeteria.
The document will contain student photo, name, school name and grade. It will also be color coded by school and grade for quicker identification. Systems would read the cards in 2 ways; bus readers would use magnetic stip while cafeteria and library would use scannable bar codes.
Contract for ID card printers and supplies was won by Lamination Service Inc.
Metro Nashville Public Schools initiative seems to be a great idea that reduces complexity, iproves security, adds functionality and potential for further improvements. By reducing number of cards that need to be issued per student it also saves money at the end.

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