Navajo ID card test run

After close to 10 years of preparations Navajo Nation will issue 100 test photo ID cards to its randomly selected members. The new ID card is expected to replace the green paper based Certificates of Indian Blood which were easier to forge and misuse due to missing photo. New identification document will contain holder’s photo, name , date of birth and Certificate of Indian Blood number; the validity is set to 4 years and the layout is vertical. In order to be qualified as Navajo Citizen an individual must have at least quarter of Navajo quantum blood and ba able to trace relationship to a tribe member from Indian Census roll 1884-1940. Many members of the tribe are missing identification as well as supporting documents to get one such birth certificates so there is quite a bit of work ahead of the rangers.
New Identification card should improve security and usablity of tribe documents. It should be helpful tracking medical history in health care facilities and also allow to board a plane after Department of Homeland Security approves it for travel. DHS has recently approved another tribe ID for travel but it may take over a year for for Navajo ID card to become valid for travel.
Navajo Nation is estimated to have over 300,000 members; 40,000 card is expected to be issued within first year.

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