former Newark Airport security supervisor in the court

Bimbo Oyewole, 54 old immigrant from Nigeria managed to secure a 20 years old career as a airport security agent using a stolen identity. Last Friday he admitted in the court that he entered the country in 1989 on student visa and overstayed. In 1992 Jerry Thomas got shot in front of YMCA building in Queens, NY. Allegedly few months before that Oyewole bought Thomas birth certificate and Social Security card from a card driver. No evidence was found that would like Oyewole to Thomas murder.
Using new identity Oyewole obtained a driver’s license and high school equivalency diploma. He then found a job at one of the companies outsourcing security staff for Newark Liberty International airport worked there for 20 years, he even got a promotion to a manager’s position supervising the staff of 30 people. The authorities only find out about the suspect stolen identity after an anonymous letter received.
Oyewole guilty plea on September the 7th was a result of deal with the prosecutors who would recommend probation sentence. Sentencing date is set to October 19th, the man faces prison term and deportation.
The case must have been a hard hit for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who maintains security at the metropolitan airports. After all actions taken to tighten up security around airline industry following the 9/11 terrorist attack a security manager on one of the country’s major airport sounds like a slap on the face. I think they already started deep screening of existing staff to make sure no more surprises are hiding. Also until this scandal I was under impression that airport security is exclusively TSA job while it looks like outsourcing is not uncommon in this field.
It seems that the suspect only used his fake identity to cover his immigration status in the US. While guilty verdict seems pretty sure I wonder on sentencing, especially after prosecutor guilty plea deal. Stay tuned,

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