North Carolina voter ID card bill likely to be vetoed by the governor

North Carolina new voting bill requiring photo ID card to cast a ballot is now waiting for the governor’s Beverly Perdue consideration. Democratic governor is expected to veto the bill as his fellow Democrats in the House and Senate voted against it. The bill passed the house on Wednesday night 62:51, if the numbers don’t change potential governor’s veto will prevail. Governor’s spokeswoman said “The voter ID is clearly not in a form that the governor can support,” which further clears governor’s intentions towards the bill. Republicans argue it’s natural to ask for ID card when casting a ballot as it’s natural to show ID when buying cigarettes or alcohol. The bill allows to use 8 form of identification including a voter ID card that is issued free of charge. A person can also cast a provissional ballot without valid ID but has to produce valid ID later. Bill is expected to reduce voting fraud rate.
Democrats often point out that the bill purpose is to scare off certain groups of voters like seniors and African Americans. They also point out that it’s in the law already that voting fraud is a felony and voting fraud cases remain low for many years.
Similar bill was recently vetoed by a Democrat governor is Minnesota due to lack of bipartisan support.

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