Oakland, CA: Municipal ID card still in the pipe

Over 3 years ago a discussion begun in Oakland, CA on municipal ID card project. The idea was to solve identification problems for illegal immigrants, trangender and poor residents of the city. The card was suppose to double as debit card. This way people would have to carry. While the idea of municipal ID card is rather widely supported it must remain budget neutral to the city in order to keep the level of support it has now. In today’s crisis times and budget struggle over every item, especially in California asking for money to support a new and uncommon project might be a risky idea. With level of frustration rising city council will consider stipping the ID card from its debit card functionality. Such move might help the project to move into production phase but debit card functionality was one of the key idea of the project; without financial help from bank fees the card might get too expensive for potential applicants. Main concern for the council is that winning contractor for the project, SF Mexico Services (LA based company) backed by Central National Bank and Trust of Enid (based in Oklahoma) have enough credibility and experience to manage cardholder funds. Veryfing that takes time and money while Latin residents group leaders say get ID cards now and debit card functionality can follow in the future. Council is expected to discuss the topic on tonight’s meeting.

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