Oman new national ID card

Oman will shortly upgrade its citizens and expatriates id cards to more technology advanced ones. Lieutenant-general Hassan bin Mohsin Al Shuraiqi of Inspector-General of Police and Customs office has signed a contract with French security vendor Gemalto. New cards have double the memory when compare to the old ones, this allows for more data to be stored as well as improved security thanks to encryption, finger print and digital signature integration. Additionally the card will now also hold information on educational background, socio-economic status and passport number. There are also plans to integrate new card into the health care system in the future.
Spokesman of the Royal Oman Police said “The contract comes within the plans of the Royal Oman Police to move to the new generation of civil identity cards, offering easier and safer services to both citizens and residents with guaranteed security and safety of data,”
The card can also be used for payments if a holder signs an agreement with a bank.
Oman is a leader in e-identification in the Middle East. New cards seem to offer a lot of new features and should make Oman residents life easier however significant amount of secure information stored on the card creates a potential risk of data being stolen. Today’s encryption level might be not strong enough in couple of years as computing power increases.

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