online ID enrollment for federal contractors

HID Global has recently announced a new online service where federal contractors can apply for employee credentials which comply with Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I). PIV is a Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 requirement. HSPD-12 is a result of 9/11 terrorist attacks raised security. Signed by former president Goerge W. Bush on August 27 2004 directive desribes identification regulations for federal contractors in paragraph 3 “”Secure and reliable forms of identification” for purposes of this directive means identification that (a) is issued based on sound criteria for verifying an individual employee’s identity; (b) is strongly resistant to identity fraud, tampering, counterfeiting, and terrorist exploitation; (c) can be rapidly authenticated electronically; and (d) is issued only by providers whose reliability has been established by an official accreditation process. The Standard will include graduated criteria, from least secure to most secure, to ensure flexibility in selecting the appropriate level of security for each application. The Standard shall not apply to identification associated with national security systems as defined by 44 U.S.C. 3542(b)(2).”
The policy replaces pre 9/11 procedure for federal premises access commonly called flash card badges which name came from the fact that people would just flash the cards to the guards and pass without detailed identity verification.
HSPD-12 experienced hard time when tried to implement new standards. Deadlines were missed number of times. Contractors and employees with federal work history 15 years or less were supposed to complete background checks by October 27th 2007 and not a single agency was able to meet this goal.
Hopefully with strong private industry support like HID Global that can use their vast experience in identification and security areas HSPD-12 can finally get into force.

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