Ontario: new ID card

After long wait Ontario residents are now able to get non driver’s license ID card. The need for such government issued document has been growing since 9/11. In terrosim threat world more and more doors are getting closed to those who cannot produce state issued identification. It’s not only the obvious things like boarding an airplane or entering club but also opening bank account or even casting ellection ballot. Due to the lack of proper identification availabilty Health Card became substition for government identification, acceptance of the card remained in discretion of clerk, salesman or banker as a document missing address of residence couldn’t be used as valid form of identification in many cases.
New Ontario ID card costs $35 and it’s valid for 5 years. Anyone over 16 years old can apply. It’s estimated that 1.5 million residents are in need for the new document. Contrary to the main trend province government decided to go with a simple document without high tech security features. In result the card is not valid to cross the country border. There are to reasons for giving up high tech, cost – easily understood during tough economy and time – as it’s estimated it would take significantly longer to get the process going with sophisticated security features. Supposing the card gets use for over 100,000 residents in first few years the program will turn budget neutral. 21 province service centers will be accepting applications for the new document; all 300 locations will be accepting applications by 2012.
Except Quebec all Candian province now offer government photo ID cards.

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