Oregon ID thief arrested

An interesting story has developed in small town of West Linn, Oregon. Khoi Lai, a 20 years old male was a very active holiday season shopper until he was arrested for identity theft, computer crime and fraudulent use of credit card. He obtained the credit card information from a website that sells such data as it was legitimate merchandise, price depended on credit limit on the account. Price for credit card information started at $2. The website was quickly shut down without the name being disclosed to the public however source of credit card information leak remains unknown at the time. It looks like Alex Ivins from as far as Louisiana was a whistle blower for the case. Mr Ivins noted a $275 charge or his account that was related to a flash memory drive mimicking Swiss Army knife. He called the vendor and obtained shipping address used for the purchase; this lead him to West Linn police department. The arrest happened six weeks later. When the search warrant was executed UPS brought additional merchandise purchased with stolen credit card numbers. Lai spent stolen money on computers, electronics, fragrance and apparel, in his apartment police secured merchandise worth over $10k which brings the charge to felony in Oregon.
This case is another reminder to frequently check your credit card activity. Most premier credit cards offer online activity reports as well as alerts on unusual transactions. The would also alert you if the merchandise was shipped to address that is not on the credit card file.

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