PA voter id bill passed

Yesterday the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed an election legislation change requiring voters to produce photo identification in order to cast a ballot. Voting result was 104 to 88, pretty much across the partisan lines. The voter id bill was signed by the state Governor Tom Corbett making it the law just few hours later. Although the new rules are already in force they won’t apply to April 24th primary, the first election ran by the new law would be November 6th general election. Provisional ballots would be allowed to those who don’t bring the ID, they would have 6 days to bring the ID and therefore to validate the vote. As in other states which introduced a voter id legislation the citizens who don’t have driver’s license, state issued photo id card can apply for a free state photo identification for the purpose of voting. Just as every state issued identification document state photo id card application requires documents proving identity to be supplied and these are not provided for free. For example reproducing a missing birth certificate might require hiring an attorney which means it won’t be for free. Recent study shows that 99 percent of eligible voters already have a acceptable form of identification. According the polls Pennsylvania residents heavily favor voter id card requirement. Pennsylvania is the 16th state that has introduced photo identification requirement in the election process.

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