Pakistanis living abroad will get new id card

London, United Kingdom: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Pakistan government agency responsible for providing identification for citizens and introducing e-government services, will be introducing a new smart id card for Pakistan citizens living outside of the home country.
The new document was introduced at a ceremony in London yesterday. High officials were present including Tariq Malik, NADRA Director General and Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan. Over 200 guests have been invited to the ceremony and the party that followed.
Malik presented new document, 3rd generation smart card as the most secure in world. The id card has over 36 security features including high level data encryption. Data is printed on multiple layers of polycarbonate and protected by biometric data where the holder’s identity is confirmed before the card can be used and encrypted data accessed.
Smart NICOP cards will help over 2.5 million Pakistani population living abroad with banking, funds transfer, travel and visa free entry to the home country. On Pakistan Independence Day, August the 14th the document will become available to general public. Several offices will be open to accept application for the new doc in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow; additional offices across the Europe will open later in the year.
Data collected in overseas NADRA locations will be sent to the headquarters in Pakistan in real time over secure data link. This way overseas centers can avoid storing the data locally which reduces infrastructure costs. Cards will only be printed in NADRA production facilities in Pakistan and the shipped to the UK and other European countries.

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