Paul Allen stolen identity

You would think rich and famous are exempts from identity theft. After all they are famous celebrities that most people know so posing as them might be a bad idea. Notably we wrote about a dude in Brazil who tried to use a fake id card with Jack Nicholson photo on it but that was rather a rare exception than a rule.
Would you bet that Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, worth over $14 billion can become a victim of identity theft? I wouldn’t and I would lose this time. US Army deserter at the time, Brandon Lee Price allegedly managed to change Allen address on the bank account over the phone from Seattle to Pittsburgh and order a debit card replacement. After receiving the card suspect tried to transfer $15k using Western Union, pay Armed Forces Bank loan installment and make some small retail purchases. Citibank that was holding the compromised account detected a fraud and alerted authorities.
Story like many others yet surprising. If you take a longer thought about this you may figure why well known people can actually be more susceptible for identity theft. How hard is it to find Paul Allen date of birth, address, pet name, mother maiden name or high school name he attended? Probably way easier than for most of us.

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