Penn State to adjust id cards for new election law

The new Pennsylvania election legislation that went into force earlier this year requires voters to produce an acceptable form of photo identification in order to cast a ballot. The regulation requires college photo ID to carry expiration date which many id cards do not and therefore are invalid for voting purposes. Effective summer semester all newly issued id cards will have expiration date printed however the new design accommodation the expiration date is not out yet. As for the id badges that are already out a custom sticker with expiration data can be attached which would make the cards valid for election identification requirements. This would be an option for the students who don’t have any other acceptable form of identification. Stickers are temporary measure which will be phased out upon replacing id cards for all students which is expected within next 3 years.
The Pennsylvania State University, Penn State for short is the biggest college in Pennsylvania with close to 100,000 students enrolled. It’s also considered one of the best schools in the nation and member of Ivy League schools.

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