Pennsylvania custom id card for voting

Pennsylvania Department of State announced a new identification document on Friday. Custom photo id card will be valid for 10 years and only for voting purposes.
Voter id law passed by the state Congress and quickly signed by the Governor earlier in the year has faced heavy criticism wave, first for putting Amish voters in uncomfortable situation as taking photograph is against their religious beliefs and application for non-photo id card includes intimidation series of questions; second for possibility of excluding significant number of voters from the elections process due to lack of proper identification.

Voting only custom id card seems to be a patch for the latter issue. Most of the registered voters at risk of losing election right were having problem getting state identification documents due to lack of birth certificate. This was the case for mostly elderly and born out of state.
New card is easier to get when it comes to application supporting document list requirements. An applicant needs to be a registered voter, know his or her Social Security Number and provide two pieces of address proof. There is no fee associated with the application. The card would be only available for those who don’t already possess a PennDOT issued identification document. PennDOT offices will be issuing the cards same day upon verifying applicant eligibility.
The rush in getting a new document out seems to be related to the fact that the voter id bill was sued in the court by multiple civil liberty organizations. Pennsylvania would be the first state to issue custom id card, free of charge, valid only for voting and issued under relaxed list of supporting documents. The document should be available in a month although no fixed start date has been announced.

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