Pennsylvania voter custom id card out

On August 28th Pennsylvania Department od Transportation made the new voter id card available. The document was announced earlier in the summer as a response to complaints over new voter id law in Pennsylvania.
According to the new legislation passed in March this year Pennsylvania voters must present photo identification document in order to be able to cast a ballot. Right after the bill was signed by the Governor it faced heavy criticism from Democrats and civil liberties leaders based on the fact it might eliminate some of the voters from election process, especially poor and elderly. Indeed obtaining a state photo id card or driver’s license might become a hassle for residents born out of the state as birth certificate is required and it might involve hiring an attorney which makes the things costly and challenging especially for fixed income population.
To alleviate the risk of voter exclusion and address complaints PennDOT decided to issue an id card for voting with more relaxed list of requirements when compared to regular state photo identification documents. Free of charge card, available only to registered voters who currently don’t have another PennDOT ID can now by obtained at any PennDOT office. An applicant needs just to provide the name, Social Security Number and 2 pieces of residency proof (such as utility bill); the card is valid for 10 years.
The new document comes out 10 weeks before presidential elections and might be a key to dismiss court cases which sued the new legislation.

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