Pennsylvania voter id law faces lawsuit

It seemed like the law passed in such a smooth way would have to problem coming into force. We wrote some time ago about Amish community where being photographed is against religious beliefs and application for no photograph state id card required filling intimidating questionnaire. It felt after the issue with no photo identification documents the heat would be over.
Not necessarily as it turned out. Media are full of stories about usually elderly citizens who would be adversely affected by the new regulations. Who wouldn’t be moved by a story of ninety something lady who voted all her life, helped electing Franklin Delano Roosevelt and now wouldn’t be able to vote as she doesn’t have a proper photo id card. Sure she can get one even for free at local PennDOT office but she needs certain documents to accompany her application such as birth certificate; in case she does not possess it the attorney fees for obtaining it could make it impossible to get.
Some people ask can we just exclude voters born before certain date from the photo identification requirement to cast a ballot? Possibly but keep in mind the Constitution; I’m not constitutional law expert but I guess it would be hard to find people who would sue such regulation as not compliant with the Constitution on the ground of all citizens being equal to the law regardless of their characteristics, including age in this particular case.
American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania along with several other organization sued the voter id law on May 1st 2012 on the grounds that it will disproportionately affect older citizens, people with disabilities, racial minorities, and lower-income people.
This will be hot a topic for presidential campaign as Pennsylvania has potential to affect the results of this year presidential elections. Now the court is under heavy pressure.

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