Qatari minister reminds about smart ID card importance

Colonel Abdullah Saad al-Buainain, the director of Nationality and Travel Documents department reminded Qatar residents to take good care of their national smart ID cards. ID badge holders should keep the documents in safe place and use photocopy where possible (in hotels for example).
In the unfortunate event of the card being lost or stolen the holder should immediately notify the Nationality and Travel Documents department which would mark lost card invalid and issue a replacement.
Why is Qatari smart id card so important? Well, mostly because it’s very useful. The national smart card program was launched in 2010 for citizens and in 2011 for expatriates. Thanks to the document its holder get wide access to government services online.
Using government portal Hukoomi a resident can issue, renew, cancel and reactivate Residence Permit; get Travel Permit and apply for Return Permit (in case of overstay abroad). The portal also allows for renewing driver’s license and getting a replacement for lost or stolen one. Doha International Airport offers smart card holders eGates access for arrival and departures.
While the card offers a lot of features making life easier it also may cause identity theft risk when it gets into wrong pair of hands. Card use is protected by PIN numbers but people often write it down somewhere in the wallet so in case the whole wallet is lost the a dishonest founder of thief will get same access to the government services as the rightful owner would.
These are the reasons for watching Qatari smart id cards as closely as credit and ATM cards.

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