RF custom id card introduced for Texas students

Northside Independent School District board has decided to take advantage of the latest technology to help track students in the school campuses. The pilot program will be introduced in couple of lower attendance schools in the fall this year. The idea got mixed feedback from the parents, while most support idea of improved safety privacy of the students concerns have been raised as well. System allows to monitor student in the campus and school buses only. The cost of a single card is estimated for $15 and parent would responsible for paying that amount in case the child loses the identification tag.

Northside isn’t the first school district to use radio frequency student tracking. Spring and Santa Fe have been using the system for years now. Both districts benefited from the technology or rather its effect on attendance level which resulted in increased funds from the government which is tied by number of factors and attendance level is one of them
It’s certainly beneficial to be able to precisely locate a missing student quickly especially in emergency situation such fire threat but on the other hand would every parent be comfortable with school staff knowing how trips to the bathroom kid make during a day? I wish them the best with improving attendance thank to the radio frequency custom id card system but playing devil’s advocate I want to ask if all other means of increasing attendance have been exhausted, including the ones from schools with high attendance records.

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