new RF/IR id badge introduced

RF Code, Austin, Texas based company has introduced a new type id badge. The new product code name R142 combines advantages of infra red and radio frequency technologies. It’s slightly bigger than ordinary credit card, roughly 4 inches by 2.25 and quarter inch thick; it’s pretty light too, only about 1.5oz, has 3 buttons and 2 holes (vertical and horizontal). Infrared technology allows for real time tracking of the badge, including the movement. Movement and location tracking might be helpful in localizing and reporting the usage of expensive equipment in hospitals and other places. Custom programmable buttons allow to transmit status change to the system such as ‘diagnostic procedure performed’, ‘help needed’, ’emergency’, ‘equipment service required’ etc.

The card can also be used for tracking personnel in hotels for example and provide additional layer of security with emergency programmed button. Similar solution was implemented in DC based hotel chain except RF cards were used in that case. R142 can also double as a regular custom photo id badge. Flat surface on one side of the tag allows for attaching a regular credit card size PVC CR80 card. Read range is as long as 300 feet, battery life is estimated for 3 years, RF operates at 433 MHz frequency which is the standard for current RFID cards.

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