Romney’s national ID card idea

Mitt Romney, candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, announced his plan to deal with illegal immigration problem during last week debate. The idea is simple and not new, a biometric photo id card with electronic system support to quickly check employment authorization with Department of Homeland Security. Romney also points at employers who now can excuse themselves on lack of means to quickly check employment authorization and may unwilling-fully hire illegal immigrants. It makes sense right? Well, if we don’t look at 8-11 million illegal immigrants in the country already it’s a great solution. But there are 8-11 million undocumented aliens in the country; some research suggest that majority of them are here for over 10 years and have US born, therefore US citizens children. Regardless if it’s right or wrong tearing apart families doesn’t sell well in politics; media would be full of tear squeezing stories of children crying when their parents are being taken away in handcuffs by ICE. This is actually already happening, PBS Frontline has recently made a documentary on Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts and practices to remove illegal aliens from the country. Right now the annual target is set to 400 thousand deportations, criminal offenders first but in case the target can’t be met with just criminals clean criminal record illegal immigrants would have to fill the gap.
I find it funny when media and politicians talk about illegal immigration issue as it was unpredictable and unavoidable natural disaster, just like tornado or earthquake. Sub-prime mortgage meltdown was also commented this way, oh well, it just happened, nobody is at fault. Mortgage brokers made fortunes selling sub primes, tons of them sold to illegal aliens, immigration lawyers have their stake giving hope to often non-English speaking immigrants and plain crooks have their stake as well selling special way to green card through secret, unexplained connections which often resulted in arrest and deportation for those who spent all the money they could get to make things straight with USCIS.
I’ve been to over 50 countries in my life and know people from even more countries. US seems to be the only country in the world where you can come as a tourist or illegally cross the border and live normal live for decades without being bothered. For many years illegal aliens were able to work, get education, run a business, open a bank account, get phone service, utilities, buy real estate, even commercial buildings, get mortgage, buy and register a car with no questions asked. There is quite a bit hypocrisy about the US immigration policy, When economy used to bloom a blind eye was turned towards the wide flow of inexpensive illegal workforce as it was badly needed especially in construction and agriculture; since the recession started panic spread out on how the hell number of illegal skyrocketed to over 10 million people.
Maybe politicians should try to understand the root cause on in issue and base a solution on research and dialogue rather than announce media catching controversial ideas? Does than mean we shouldn’t apply the law? We should but with equal force all the time, regardless of economy. Law without enforcement is demoralizing, law with on and off enforcement periods is even more demoralizing.

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