Sacramento airport updates custom id badge processing

Sacramento County Airport System is the first in the country to introduce a new vendor for security badges processing. Up until last year Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was allowing only one contractor American Association of Airport Executive Transportation Security Clearinghouses to provide security identification solutions to airports. Late last year two more companies were certified for the job L1 and Telos Identity Management Solutions LLC. By getting the new security solution on board airport administration is expecting to speed up the process of issuing custom id badge to various airport employees such as as baggage handlers or maintenance workers as well as outside the airport personell who needs access to the airport premises such as airport store clerks, restaurant staff, contractors etc. It’s estimated that over 3,500 identification cards are issued by the airport every year.
Telos web based system called aviation channeler allows for fast collection of fingerprint data and sends it to TSA for approval. Their performance at the first implementation site will matter a lot for their chance to win more business. Telos is a long time contractor for government (Department of Defense, National Security) as well as private sector. The company was selected in competitive bidding process. Airports are heavily dependent on their security identification providers and timely service is a key to success in the industry with heavy rotation as the aviation is these days.

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