SC hires high profile lawyer to defend voter’s ID bill

Since we posted an article yesterday about South Carolina voter’s law amendment being questioned by Departent of Justice a major update has emerged. Paul Clement will represent the state in a possible clash with Justice Department over the doubts if the requirement to produce photo id card upon elections will not diminish the chances of certain groups to cast a ballot.
Paul Clement, former Solicitor General in George W. Bush administration is a legal world celebrity known for his strong conservative orientation. He currently works for Bancroft PLLC with another Bush administration official Viet Dinh who used work for Justice Department; clement is also legal professor at Georgtown University. Previously he partnered in King & Spalding, and was hired by House Republicans to defend the Marriage Act as a bond between one man and one woman, he left the firm after it withdrew from the case in April this year. He’s also known for defending controversial Arizona immigartion bill SB1070 in Supreme Court and representing NFL owners before U.S. court of appeals on players lock out case. His education background includes bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, master’s degree in Economics at Darwin College, University of Cambridge and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School
Hiring Clement is a clear sign of state determination to defend the voter’s law. The state has 60 days starting last Monday to submit answers and data requested by the Department of Justice. Then DOJ has antother 60 days to review obtained materials.

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