South Africa smart id card

South Africa is probably one of last highly developed countries to still use paper booklet based personal identification document. This will however change soon as the Department of Home Affairs has recently announce the project to roll out a pilot program on national smart id card that would eventually replace the booklet id. The pilot program 2000 cards would prioritize first time applicants and will be available at no charge. From the technology standpoint it’s a plastic card with barcode and contactless chip, there also security measures that prevent duplication. The microchip would contain encrypted biometric data, including the holder fingerprint. National Identity System that would collect biometric and demographic data would also offer public and private institutions access to verify citizen identity. Fingerprint scanners compatible with the system are expected to cost under $30. Document will also be integrated with public health insurance and health care system. Department of Transport, Social Development and Education. Card is expected to be valid for 10 years. Wait time should be reduced to several days from weeks or sometimes months that green book used to take to be issued.
According to Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma all green booklet IDs should be replaced by smart cards by 2014. Election commission announced recently it would be ready to accept new smart cards in the general elections that take place in 2014.

smart id card