South Carolina free ride to DMV for voter’s ID

Governor Nikki Haley announced on Wedensday a detailed plan for free DMV rides to get voter’s ID card. It’s a follow up of a promise made in July in response to Democrats critcism of new election bill which requires to show photo ID card to cast a ballot. The group of potential voters who don’t have any form of identification that is qualified by the voter’s bill is estimated at 178,000. Free DMV ride event is planned on September 28th and appointment has to be scheduled by September 22nd by calling 1-855-StateID and getting 2 hour pick up window. Free of charge state ID card should be issued in DMV within 30 minutes.
This might look like a solution to Democrats and recent Department of Justice doubts about poor and elderly ability to vote. Not necessarily; in order to apply for state ID card an applicant must present birth certificate, Social Security card and utility bill to prove place of residence. Democrats argue that attorney office may charge $800 and more for a court ordered birth certificate. Dem senator John Land argues that the law was passed in order to eliminate certain voters after president Obama election as the state has no history of voter’s fraud conviction

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