Spain national ID card program expands

Identive Group Inc reported it shipped 122 thousand smart card readers to Spain. These scanners, model number SCR3310v2.0 are used to read national smart cards, identification documents introduced by the government in 2009 to support electronic access to government commercial resources. Since the eID program launch the documents have been issued free of charge to the citizens which resulted in great demand from the population and little after 2 years over half of residents eligible for the card already have it. Spain among other European countries put significant effort into e-goverment. EID can be used to access many government and commercial services such banking. The country also conducted numerous pilot programs on e-voting where citizens casted ballots using electronic machines and smart ID cards. Moreover Internet based voting was tested during 2005 European Constitution referendum however the votes had no legal force.
Identive Group, Inc., formerly SCM Microsystems. Inc. is an international technology company focused on building the world’s signature group in secure identification-based technologies. The Company is comprised of a group of businesses with brands in their individual markets, which provide products and solutions in the areas of physical and logical access control, identity management and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to governments, commercial and industrial enterprises, healthcare and consumers. The Company operated in two business segments: Identity Management Solutions and Services (ID Management) and Identification Products & Components (ID Products)

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