Another state preps for voter id bill

New Hampshire voter ID bill is similar to other states legislation which went similar path. When becoming law it would require state issued photo id card, driver’s license, US passport, college photo id card or some other government issued form of identification with name and photo to take part in election process. Differently than in other states there is no rush to implement the law which is proposed to get implemented in 2016. The bill is sponsored by a Republican Senator Russell Prescott who has a moderate view on implementing the new law. “Before we walk we should crawl, before we run we should walk,” he said on Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee earlier this week.
Bill number 289 is a second attempt to pass voter photo identification in New Hampshire, Last year attempt failed to attract Senate votes. The idea resurfaced this year and got additional attention after undercover video of man obtaining primary ballots for deceased residents.
Bill opposers argue that the bill may cause confusion and chaos and robust advertising and educational campaign would have to precede the legislation going into force. Another worry is that senior citizens no longer able to drive might face difficulties in obtaining photo identification required by the new rules.

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