super Tuesday easy on voter id card law

Two states passed the test of new voter id legislation during super Tuesday. Out of the states that conducted their presidential primaries yesterday Tennessee and Oklahoma required photo id card to cast a ballot for the first time since the legislation passed last year have become a law. There have been only a handful of cases when the voters were not able to cast an ordinary ballot due to lack of proper identification documents; some decided to cast a provisional ballot and will have to came back with proper photo id card while some other decided to pass on voting this time. Vast majority of the voters though came prepared and took the part in elections as usual. Election id law opponents argue however that smooth voting is due to high republican voters turnout who are more likely white, more likely to live in bigger towns and making more money. This issue is likely to remain highly partisan and as such no matter what happens there would be multiple interpretations as what it means. Presidential elections in the fall of 2012 will the be the first large national elections for most states which introduced the voter identification requirements but also all those states will have the law in force for over 6 months by then.

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