Swinging voter id law by state

For past 2 years we’ve covered voter id legislation changes in many states. On the election day it turned out that many states which hoped to pushed through their voter id legislation failed to make it law for this year presidential elections.

Let’s briefly go over the list
Mississippi is among the states which need US Department of Justice pre clearance in order to amend voting regulations. This is due to history of voter discrimination and applies to a number of Southern states. Mississippi passed its legislation back in 2011 but DOJ requested data in October this year which means lack of pre clearance for November elections. First time voters and unregistered voters still need photo ID to vote.

New Hampshire bill was vetoed by the governor which was overridden by the House making ID cards mandatory for election however affidavit vote is allowed without ID.

Pennsylvania, we wrote about yesterday, voter id is a no go as per judge ruling.

South Carolina needed DOJ preclearance which was denied twice, in December 2011 and June 2012. Then the DOJ was sued in the court which sustained the DOJ doubts in October ruling

Texas also needed DOJ pre clearance that was denied in March 2012. The decision was sued in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia which unanimously ruled the law might hurt minority and poor voters and therefore cannot be executed.

Wisconsin law was also suspended in court in July of 2012 and remains out of force for the presidential election.

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