a teen with police ID badge and Lamborghini

Imagine a 17 years young man stealing a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder from a celebrity chef and TV host Guy Fieri, shooting at people and keeping interesting items in his storage such as San Francisco Police Department uniform with a badge and duty belt, AK-47 assault rifle and fake identification cards for Florida, California and New York.
Should you heard it as a movie script idea you’d say nah, too unrealistic. Well … maybe for a movie script but not for real life.
Max Michael Wade was arrested Saturday in Marin County, CA and charged with two counts of attempted murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle, commercial burglary, vehicle theft and receiving stolen property. Although he’s only 17 and held in Marin County Juvenile Hall he will be judged as adult.
The suspect wasn’t easy to be found. After shooting at couple in the car when he was seen in a black motorcycle helmet detectives figured the helmet model was very fresh on the market and only sold in couple of the stores in the area. One of the stores tracked down that model helmet purchase and was able to produce client face image from security camera surveillance system. Then the suspect was recognized by one of the shooting victims as a person who sells fake California photo id cards to many schools students and drives yellow Lamborghini.
Few days suspect surveillance leads to arrest. Wade was reported trying to reach for loaded Glock handgun from under his belt when running from the police down Parr Boulevard.

id badge