Tennessee introduces new ID card and driver’s license design

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced yesterday will soon start issuing newly redesigned state photo ID cards and driver licenses.  It’s the first design change since 2003. The main purpose of the redesign is to improve security features as the department’s commissioner Bill Gibbons said “Tennessee driver licenses have not been updated in eight years, and the technology behind them is eight years old,”. The changes include:

  • new banner showcasing Tennessee landmarks and icons;
  • new background design;
  • enlarged organ donor symbol, when authorized;
  • multiple date of birth placements on front and back of the card;
  • vertical format to distinguish driving privilege from identification only cards;
  • digital portrait and signature, both stored in a permanent database, to easily verify identification;
  • lamination, with a tamper resistant coating and holographic designs;
  • machine-readable barcodes for law enforcement purposes; and
  • applicable class, endorsements, and restrictions printed on back of the card

Current licenses and ID cards would remain valid till its expiration date. New designs can be viewed here: http://www.tn.gov/safety/driverlicense/dlcards.htm

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