Texas voter id law halted by court

Thursday last week District of Columbia 3 judge District Court issued a verdict to block photo the rule of photo identification requirement upon casting a ballot in Texas. A unanimous rule 56 page justification argues that the legislation requiring one of five forms of government issued photo id to take part in elections may disadvantage poor residents of the state.
Both travelling to get proper id card for voting and cost associated with it have been considered as unfair hassle for poor and minorities, including the working poor.
It’s worth to note that disproportional impact on minorities was the primary ground for litigation between the Department of Justice and state authorities. Texas is among the Southern states which need DOJ pre-clearance for making changes to election law due to history of voter discrimination.
Court’s decision makes the new rule practically toothless for coming presidential elections in November. The legislation also failed to receive DOJ pre-clearance, South Carolina voter id bail shared the same fate with DOJ denial in late 2011.
Supposing Pennsylvania voter id bill makes it to the elections while Texas gets blocked we would have a pretty clear pattern on how that kind of change needs to be implemented and what on the other hand would make it busted. Pennsylvania has as far as creating a new non-driver photo id card just for voting purposes, issued free of charge with relaxed supporting document list requirements

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