Texas voter ID struggle – DOJ strikes back

Texas legislature passed law requiring voter to produce photo identification in order cast a ballot last year. Since Texas is among few Southern state that have history of minority voter discrimination every legislation regarding election process must pass Department of Justice preclearance before going into force. In January DOJ refused to clear the law after extensive review and requests to send more evidence arguing that 600,000 voters could be possibly affected by the law change.Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argued number of times that DOJ is part of Obama administration and therefore against the highly partisan legislation. This time DOJ strikes back, yesterday DOJ submitted documents to the court asking the Texas lawmakers to testify on their internal communications upon creating the voter id bill. Basically the DOJ suspects that the legislation might have been created to purposely discriminate minority voters. Part of the submitted documentation says “The record available to the United States at this point already contains significant circumstantial evidence that could support a finding of discriminatory intent,” Abbott argued that lawmakers internal conversation should remain confidential or they wouldn’t be able to do their work under a threat that the conversations could be brought up in the court. DOJ says no such privilege exists.
The panel of judges will decide if the Texas voter id can go into force by November elections.

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