tricky student photo ID debit cards

Colleges and universities accross the nation team up with banks to combine student identification with debit card. Sounds like a great idea on the first glance? it certainly does but when it comes to money and sharing personal data caution is always advised. Let’s check the story of Mark Bechtol, student of Catawba Valley Community College in North Carolina. According to his facebook page he was forced to obtain Master Card branded debit card from a Connecticut based financial institution called Higher One which is affilited with the college. Mark felt that right after filing application for the card he started to receive credit card offers spam. Raged by the fact that his personal information were shared with other financial institutions he encouraged on his FB page to regiter college domain with porn sites and send viruses to college addresses. This action resulted in banning the student from the college campus. After Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) appeal and Mark’s promise to publicly express his regret for his “poor choice of words” the ban was lifted and he can continue attending the classes.
Another major complaint against Higher One and other college affiliated financial firms are the fees. Whole spectum of fees can be found in this section, usage fee, lack of usage fee and many others. Higher One earned a FB page called ‘Ignore the Higher One debit card offer’ which shows the range of fee problem. Banks are not charities and cards run on fees and interest however transparency should be set as high priority.
When an educational instution endorses a debit or credit issuer to the campus it should be a result of deep research and agreement between college administration and students community. Research might be a trouble? I don’t think so, get students community involved and you’ll see.

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